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Creative concept of visual installations and design of the annual event of a major Czech corporation engaged in the development of software solutions. The conference was designed as a real physical event, but was cancelled during the covid period. In the case study you can see the documentation with visualizations of the project.



  • Pen&Production


  • Project management

  • Idea making / Creative concept


  • Idea making / Creative concept

Lead Creative Crew

  • Martin Erva
    Managing Director / Head of project

  • Jan Brukner
    Creative Director / idea maker / Designer

Concept of...

previz and study.

Creative direction in collaboration with Pen&Production agency, which provided project management and created the complete advertising strategy. Our task was to design the environment, creative concepts for multimedia installations and create a unique memorable experience. The announced main guest was Steve Wozniak ( one of the founders of Apple). The event was cancelled at the time of the covid.


The world of the internet, software innovation and the fascinating digital environment is an endless sea of inspiration. The visual depiction of OKsystem's 30th anniversary event was meant to reflect modern advances in software development and blend with the sci-fi visions that are yesterday's fantasy and today's reality. The futuristic concept of the event was inspired by a number of pop culture, cinematic or abstract themes and ideas that were intended to guide the audience through an unforgettable evening and imprint themselves indelibly in their memory.


The creative solutions for the audiovisual representation and design of the installations were based on a detailed study of the "user journey". Step by step, minute by minute before the event itself. Great emphasis was placed on the audiovisual perception of the event, the user experience and the "set and setting". With project manager Martin Erva and the team from Pen&Production, every detail was addressed. From our side, we developed a creative concept including installation designs, lighting, video mapping, multimedia interactive installations to the actual main stage designs for consultation with the project architects. All of this was to build on the rich program designed by the creative team from Pen&Production agency.


The production itself included a rich set of static visual studies. Creative presentation. Designs and 3D visualizations. Another medium was animated fly-throughs of interiors and studies of real room/architecture layouts. There was ultimately no audiovisual production and no other production entities.


The conference was designed as a real physical event, but was cancelled during the covid period. In the case study you can see the documentation with visualizations of the project.


One of the most striking installations designed was a hexagonal tunnel that was designed as a welcoming monument leading the audience to the main conference building. The technical design of the installation was consulted with experts who conducted initial tests of the installation, which responds dynamically to sound and offers a unique audiovisual show. This installation was designed to create a great first impression from the event visitor's point of view and to share the experience in the first moment of the visit. At the same time, it offered a space for later artistic audio production.


The entrance hall, registration, staircase and other foyers offered the opportunity for a cascade of installations and stylization of the space. Whether it was the check-in concept itself, which we designed with Pen&Production in a modern hit-tech way to make the visitor feel comfortable. Another point was the visitor's journey to the main hall, which was to be lined with installations referring to the OKsystem software solution and the main dominant interactive installation "Cryptocube". This installation was inspired by OKsystem's unique BabelApp communication tool based on blockchain technology. This cubist installation suspended in space was to interactively respond to visitor input, which would be displayed on the "holographic-acting" surfaces of the cubist object It was to be the second point in visitor engagement.


But the highlight of the whole conference was to be the main hall. The place where the main programme was to take place. In this space we tried to creatively accommodate every part of the interior from the ceiling to the floor and the galleries. The space was to evoke an atmosphere that created the feeling of participating in a futuristic event of the future. From the atmospheric arches with shadow projections symbolizing the jungle of the internet, to the video mapping referring to the globality of the digital world, to the central object of the main stage, which was designed in the spirit of the main shape of the hexagon. We worked on these designs with the experts and the client Pen&Production, who strategically organized the event in terms of marketing and produced it in terms of execution.

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